Diamond Plan


In addition to the Emerald, Sapphire Plans and Access Network Benefits, unlock a world of extraordinary perks and unparelleled support with the Diamond Plan!

ID Protections Services 

ID Monitoring Individual:  This innovative early detection and warning system utilizes a proprietary system to provide worry-free identity protection 24/7. We scan hundreds of financial and non-financial databases at various intervals. Identity Ease then notifies members of address changes that typically signal an identity theft in progress

ID Risk Scores (monitoring required):  The risk score represents the likelihood that an individual is a victim of identity theft or in the beginning stages of having their identity stolen. The higher the risk score, the greater chance of identity theft

ID Restoration services (monitoring required):  24/7 access to trained identity theft specialists who aid in the recovery process.

Identity theft insurance (monitoring required): Personal identity coverage policy covers $25k with a $0 deductible.

Financial Counseling, Tools & Resources

Members will receive confidential, objective guidance from experienced, accredited financial counselors (unlimited access).

Personal Concierge

We’ll assist members with recovery services, lost or stolen belongings, medical emergencies, getting home fast, interpretation, sending a quick message home, international dining, golf course information, bookings, hotel reservations, gift deliveries, event ticketing or special occasions.

Access Travel

With only one site to check, enjoy exclusive, member-only pricing on hotels, car rentals, flights, theme parks and more.

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